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-Three Days Notice-

Classic Chocolate Chip

(V) Olive Oil Wine

(GF&V) Peanut Butter

(GF&V) Trail Mix

Salted Chocolate Rye

Sprouted Wheat Chocolate Chip

Traditional Shortbread

Lavender Shortbread

Breakfast Cookie

Rugelach (1 week notice)

Fig Rolls (1 week notice)

(GF) Triple Chocolate Chip

(GF&V) Morning Cookie

1 dozen minimum


-One Week Notice-

Anise Almond

Dried Cherry Pistachio Chocolate

Lemon Walnut

1 dozen minimum


(GF) Blueberry

(GF) Pear Cacao Nib

Sprouted Wheat Millet

​1 dozen minimum

Weekend Specials

Morning Buns

Traditional|Ham & Cheese



Bars & Small Bites

(GF&V) Breakfast Bar

(GF&V) Chocolate Chip Oat Bar

(GF&P) Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bar

Chocolate Crisp Bar

Lemon Bar

Fruit Crumb Bars

Cake Bites

Hungarian Shortbread

Mini Pie|Brownie, Peanut butter & Pecan


(GF&P) Muesli

(GF&P) Lemon Blueberry

Figgy Buckwheat

Lemon Raisin

Whole Wheat Cherry

Chocolate Toffee

Orange Currant

Nutella Coconut

Seasonal Fruit Scone

1 dozen minimum

Assorted Trays

-One Week Notice-

7311 Cookie Tray

Mix of traditional shortbread, lavender shortbread, salted choc. rye, sprouted wheat choc. chip, olive oil wine, biscotti

30 Pieces | $25

60 Pieces | $45

7311 Special Tray

Mix of mini brownie, mini pecan, mini lemon bar, mini peanut butter, cake bites, and seasonal crumb bar

30 Pieces | $60

60 Pieces | $115

7311 Custom Tray

Priced Accordingly

Savory Pies

5" $10 | 9" $25

Tomato & Cheese Vegetable & Cheese


Two-Layer Cakes

-One Week Notice-

6”  $25 | 8”  $35 | 10”  $50

 12“  $75 | 14”  $95


Chocolate cake, buttercream


Traditional pound cake, buttercream


Pineapple and walnuts, cream cheese frosting

Tito’s Chocolate

8” $42|10“ $64 |12” $80

Rich and light, mocha frosting

9" Vanilla Bean Cheesecake | $40

6” Cheesecake|$24

Three-Layer Cakes

-One Week Notice-

6”  $38 | 8”  $53 | 10”  $75

Coconut-Lemon Curd

Vanilla Pound Cake filled with lemon curd

and topped with shaved coconut


Pound cake with orange zest,

ricotta, and mini chocolate chips

Italian Rum

Rum soaked Pound Cake with

Choc. Pastry Cream, Van. Pastry Cream,

and finished with Roasted Almonds

Strawberry Shortcake

Pound Cake with Fresh Strawberries,

Pastry Cream, and finished with Vanilla Buttercream

Bunt & Loaf Cakes

- Three Days Notice -

(GF&V) Chocolate Banana|$30

​(V) Banana Walnut Bread|$30

10" Apple Raisin with Caramel Sauce|$35

​9" Blueberry Almond Coffee Cake|$35

9" Raspberry Buttermilk Coffee Cake|$35

(GF&P) 9" Chocolate Chip Zucchini Square|$22

10" Seasonal Fruit Kuchen|$35

7311 Favorites


(GF) Paleo & Beach

(GF&V) Seeded Crackers|9.00


-Three Days Notice

5” $10 | 9” $25



Peanut Butter

Margate Beach

Banana Cream

Coconut Cream

Ricotta Cheese

*Ask about customizing a pie

& our seasonal options!

Gluten Free & Vegan

Two-Layer Cakes

6" $35 | 8" $45 | 10" $65 | 12" $96

(V) Hummingbird

Made with pineapple, banana, and walnuts

(GF&V) Chocolate

Chocolate fudge cake

(GF) Lemon Almond Ricotta|$35

Light Italian ricotta cake

9” (GF) Flourless Chocolate|$45

Fallen chocolate souffle


Basic | $3.00

One dozen minimum

Prices vary by flavor, filling

& buttercream

Gluten Free & Vegan Options Available 

(Vegan |$4)

Fresh Whipped Cream

 Pint | $5

*(GF) Gluten Free | (P) Paleo | (V) Vegan

Please allow three days notice for special orders including pies. (Call Tuesday for Friday pickup, Wednesday for Saturday pickup etc.) 

Call one week in advance for custom cakes, cupcakes, cookie trays, and baked good trays.

*We require 24-hour notice for cancellation

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